Slow Painting

Artwork from Lubaina Himid is featured in a number of upcoming exhibitions in Slow Painting as part of Hayward Touring exhibition

24 Oct 2019 – 12 Jan 2020 – Leeds Art Gallery
25 Jan – 29 Mar 2020 – The Levinsky Gallery, The Arts Institute, University of Plymouth
10 Apr – 6 Jun 2020 – Andrew Brownsword Gallery at The Edge, University of Bath and Locksbrook Campus, Bath School of Art and Design
Jul – Oct 2020​ ​-​ ​Inverness Museum and Art Gallery and Thurso Art Gallery

Slow Painting​ is an exhibition of paintings that take their time, and invite us to do the same. “A number of the works, such as those by​ Lubaina Himid speak to time and memory themselves. Himid’s vividly coloured works uncover buried histories of colonialism, particularly as it relates to British nautical history and the transatlantic slave trade. They contain a deep sense of historical time” (from the Southbank Centre press release).

Martin Herbert, curator of the exhibition ​says:
“​Slow Painting​ aims to explore multiple aspects of what slowness might mean in relation to recent painting. The exhibition includes works that have taken long periods to gestate, and others that engage with spans of time, from the continuum of art history to wider cultural and political histories. All of them, though, reward sustained contemplation”.

Full list of artists:​ Darren Almond; Athanasios Argianas; Michael Armitage; Gareth Cadwallader; Varda Caivano; Lubaina Himid; Paul Housley; Merlin James; Allison Katz; Simon Ling; Lucy McKenzie; Mairead O’hEocha; Yelena Popova; Carol Rhodes; Sherman Sam; Benjamin Senior; Michael Simpson; Tim Stoner; Caragh Thuring.

Full press release

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Slow Painting