Uncomfortable Truths

Victoria and Albert Museum London 2007 The bi-centenary of the parliamentary abolition of the British slave trade took place in 2007. To commemorate this landmark year, not just in British history but in human history, the V&A held number of

Kangas and Other Stories

Peg Alston Gallery New York 2008 An exhibition of paper-works and paintings on small canvases.   “They are narratives in intricate patterns, with small portraits and natural objects like shells and plants, as an inspiration for the courage to be bold about

Talking on Corners, Speaking in Tongues

Harris Museum & Art Gallery 2007 Talking On Corners Speaking In Tongues  was a mini retrospective at the Harris Art Gallery and Musuem showing work from selected exhibitions including : Uncomfortable Truths at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London Fabrications

Swallow Hard: The Lancaster Dinner Service

Swallow Hard: The Lancaster Dinner Service Judges Lodgings Lancaster 2007 During 2007 the Lancashire Museums commissioned contemporary artist Lubaina Himid to produce an installation at the Judges’ Lodgings. The installations are her responses to Lancaster’s involvement in the slave trade and

Naming the Money paperworks

Naming the Money

Hatton Gallery, Newcastle 2004 Victoria & Albert Museum London (part of Uncomfortable Truths) and Harris Art Gallery, Preston 2007 (part of Talking On Corners) Naming the Money is a spectacular installation made up of 100 life-size painted cut-out figures. This is the story

Distance No Object

Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle 2004-5 The exhibition Distance no Object is a reflection on the strange desire to collect and display beautiful objects from another time zone, across contemporary landscape, into a series of endless tomorrows, while simultaneously marvelling at


C.U.B.E. Manchester Cotton.com was shown as part of the exhibition Fabrications at C.U.B.E. in Manchester. Other artists included Sarah Carne, Adam Chodzko, Nathan Coley, Layla Curtis, and Sarah Waring


CUBE Manchester 2002 Fabrications : New Art and Urban Memory The publication documents Fabrications – an exhibition at CUBE, 11 September – 2 November 2002 featuring new works by Sarah Carne, Adam Chodzko, Nathan Coley, Layla Curtis, Lubaina Himid and

Double Life

Bolton Museum & Art Gallery 2001 These paintings are the result of many jolly hours chatting to my mother and aunt about the time they spent as children just before the Second World War; living a carefully protected life in

Inside the Invisible

St. Jorgens Museum Bergen Norway 2002 The last leprosy patients in Norway died in 1946. They were Europeans. Leprosy is a disease of poverty, neglect and terrible living conditions: this was the reality for many Norwegians until the end of

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