Naming the Money at CAPC

The 2019 programme from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux concludes with Lubaina Himid’s Naming the Money installation featuring nearly a hundred life-size painted cut-outs which bring to life African servants depicted in 17th and 18th century European court paintings by giving each of the figures a name and an identity.

The installation was donated by the artist to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, extending the experience of slavery to all migrants who have had their personal identities deconstructed.

Viewers to the exhibition are encouraged to immerse themselves amongst the figures and to engage with the. Alongside, nine diptych paintings are being shown with abstract patters inspired by journeys, both real and imagined, to the artists’ homeland. This display is entitled Zanzibar and provides a fitting yet complementary contrast to Naming the Money.

From 31/10/2019 til 23/02/2020 curated by Alice Motard


Dog Trainer | Naming the Money, Lubaina Himid | photo: Denise Swanson
Naming the Money at CAPC