Our Kisses Are Petals

Our Kisses are Petals is a new solo exhibition from Lubaina Himid. It originates from new paintings on cloth employing the patterns, colours and symbolism of the Kanga, a vibrant cotton fabric traditionally worn by East African women as a shawl,

We Don’t Need Another Hero

  One of Lubaina Himid’s seminal bodies of work is her Kangas from the Lost Sample Book (2011–12). As with the typical kanga fabrics that one can find in markets all over east Africa, Himid’s kangas are emblazoned with evocative

Hard Times

Hard Times is a large scale solo exhibition at the Harris Museum and Gallery in Preston, Lancashire running from March until June 2018. It includes the large installation entitled A Fashionable Marriage, a multi-media reworking of Hogarth’s painting which was the

The Tenderness Only We Can See

The Tenderness Only We Can See is a new constellation of paintings by Lubaina Himid that moves across canvas and wood, in drawers and on case, with one thing speaking to the next. Lubaina states “The paintings in the show

Meticulous Observations

A powerful new exhibition Meticulous Observations has opened at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery featuring works by 2017 Turner Prize nominee Lubaina Himid along with works selected by her from the Arts Council Collection. Also appearing are 20 of her cut-out

Tate Turner Prize

26 September 2017 – 7 January 2018 The Turner Prize is awarded annually to an artist born, living or working in Britain, for an outstanding exhibition or public presentation of their work anywhere in the world in the previous year.

Projects in progress

Drowned Orchard: Secret Boatyard

Bury Art Museum, 2015 The piece offers an imagining of lost but cherished sites; the orchard ruined by neglectful pomology, accidental burning, unseasonal rain and swollen rivers, the boatyard needlessly kept hidden (safe) for so long it has been entirely

Feast Wagons

The Tetley Gallery, Leeds 2015 Feast Wagons was a collaborative project with Susan Walsh, featuring  a large number of handmade carts and other transportation objects which became artworks in the installation shown at the Tetley Gallery in Leeds in late

Tailor Striker Singer Dandy 2011

Solo exhibition

Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London  2013 This exhibition showed a selection of work by Lubaina Himid along with selected works by contemporary artists including Claudette Johnson, Sonya Boyce and Ingrid Pollard.

Lost Election Posters Series 2

    Lost Election Posters 2014/15   Photos: ©Denise Swanson FBIPP

Gwangju Biennale

Folk Museum, Gwangju, South Korea 2014 Lubaina Himid is one of over 100 artists selected for the 10th Gwangju Biennale – Burning Down the House The 10th Gwangju Biennale: Burning Down the House explores the process of burning and transformation, a cycle of obliteration and

Guardian Paper Works 2007

Negative Positives

On-going 2007 -2017 British newspapers are often seriously challenged when representing the everyday truths about black people’s lives in text and images but as little time ago as 1985, it was rare to see a black person’s face in print


Tate Liverpool 2014 A dynamic exhibition and lecture programme looking at how changes in the meaning of words reflect the cultural shifts in society. Keywords is presented in partnership with Tate Liverpool and is based on Raymond Williams’ seminal text – Keywords: a

Kangas from the Lost Sample Book

Part of COTTON: Global Threads, Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester 2012 Invented texts that evoke a sense of impending danger coupled with our dogged desire to survive. Lubaina Himid is a painter whose recent work has centred on effective ways for artists to

Moments that Matter - Harris Museum - photo ©Denise Swanson

Moments That Matter

Harris Museum and Art Gallery Preston (2012) Moments that Matter : Trophy Cups is a collaboration between WE PLAY EXPO, Harris Museum & Art Gallery and artists Lubaina Himid, Rebecca Chesney, Susan Walsh and Denise Swanson. On the 25th October 2012 at


Tate Britain, London 2012 Journeys Into British Art – Tate Britain 2012 This exhibition explores British art through the theme of migration from 1500 to the present day, reflecting the remit of Tate Britain Collection displays. From the sixteenth- and

Thin Black Line(s)

Tate Britain 2011-2012 In the early 1980s three exhibitions in London curated by Lubaina Himid – Five Black Women at the Africa Centre (1983), Black Women Time Now at Battersea Arts Centre (1983-4) and The Thin Black Line at the

Tailor Striker Singer Dandy 2011

Tailor Striker Singer Dandy

Platt Hall, Manchester 2011   12 January–30 April 2011 Lubaina Himid’s work often investigates issues of black identity. In this exhibition at the Gallery of Costume, she has selected from the large West African textile collection in the gallery’s stores

Hunter Gatherers

Rub a Tub Senior – Invisible Wash – Project Space Leeds 2011 Collaborative Project – Lubaina Himid + Susan Walsh We make work about the invisible and the unrecorded. Rub a Tub Senior – Invisible Wash is our most recent

Jelly Mould Pavilion

Northern Art Prize, Leeds Art Gallery 2011 What are monuments for? Creative Times – Northern Art Prize Northern Art Prize – Lubaina Himid in Conversation Currency of Art – Baring & Wolf   Liverpool Museums 2010 Imagine which Jelly Mould

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