Jelly Mould Pavilion at Folkestone Triennial

Jelly Mould Pavilions made its first appearance in Liverpool in six locations, including the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Williamson Art Gallery and Sudley House in 2010. It then appearedĀ at Leeds Art Gallery in 2011 when Lubaina Himid received the People’s Choice Award for the Northern Art Prize. Now, a large pavilion installation on the beach is included in the Folkestone Triennial from 2nd September to 5 November 2017, open 10am-5pm daily.

Read about the Folkestone Triennial installation here:

Lubaina Himid

Read more about the background to Jelly Mould Pavilion here:

Jelly Mould Pavilion


Jelly Mould Pavilion at Folkestone Triennial
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